Студия алт

Студия алт

An application designed for monitoring, processing, measuring and marking of images received from different monitoring and capture devices: microscopes, telescopes etc.


Altami Studio is a comprehensive photo management application that is specialized for processing images acquired from microscopes, telescopes or other types of cameras. The program is optimized for analyzing the contents of the picture, namely to measure distances, perimeters or areas.

Analyze discovered entities

Altami Studio allows you to import images captured by the camera of your preference, even from scientific instruments, such as microscopes or telescopes. Moreover, you can use the program to capture data via the camera, such as pictures or videos.

The application allows you to adjust the acquired images, by rotating or flipping them, zooming in/out or panning them. You can also add shapes, such as points, lines, polylines, angles or closed contours. Squares and several types of ellipses can also be generated.

A data box containing the location of the shape, area and perimeter length is displayed next to each drawing. The data associated with these shapes is transposed in the measurements table, in the column on the right.

Create filters, calibrations and adjust shape parameters

Altami Studio allows you to apply filters to the imported images, to differentiate various elements. Right-click on the Filters panel to access the options, then add geometry, color or gray transformations, morphological operations, brightness alignment or a scalebar. You can combine several filters and adjust their size or intensity.

A calibration is measured in micrometers and implies entering the actual length of the physical measurement into the designated field. It can help analyzing images in which the scale measurement is not reliable.

Camera manipulation tools

The Tools menu in Altami Studio allows you to access several functions that allow you to manage the image capturing devices. You can set the slow motion tool, as well as the exposure fusion and the multifocus. You can select objects using histogram, hue, saturation and light indicators. You can also create a panorama with the help of the designated wizard.

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